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Acu-Gen is out of their mind!


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12-Jan-06 6:15 am

The parts that burns my biscuit is I was simply looking for answers and he is accusing me of trying to FRAUD HIM OUT of my deserved refund IF I give birth to the girl I know I am carrying!  And to use the jargon he used to try to confuse me is just ridiculous, I am NOT stupid and my brother has a PHD in Chemistry.  Nell Boyce would like to hear from anyone that has given birth and received a refund, her email is Nell Boyce []

I still think anyone that has a baby of the opposite sex of what Acu-gen says needs to try to get their money back the original way.  If they say no then you can follow instructions here for MA laws to get your money.  I have spoken to a lot of lawyers and the Office of Consumer affairs in MA, they all told me the same thing.

Copy & paste this whole thing, I can't get the link all on one line, or go to and search on 30 day demand letter:


I talked to my brother yesterday and this is what he had to say:

"Nothing's impossible, but I find their claims and attitude disturbing to say the least. I skimmed the scientific portion of their site, and

I can't say if their base science is wrong, but I also have no idea if it a load of manure, either.

In either case the geologic time scale stuff is crap, snake oil and other things designed to stop you from collecting what is due to you."

I also chatted with the Baltimore Sun, the Boston Globe, Nell from NPR and I am just waiting for more.  Acu-Gen can be as stupid as they want, I will tell everyone that will listen about this.  I am tired of being blamed for their wrong doing, like because I trust something that is in front of my eyes, I am wrong and shouldn't do that.

Thanks for the support ladies