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here we go again ! what do yo think brought you your boys ? any tips for blue swayers ?

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20-Oct-09 10:03 am

I personally think a lot of fails sways are mistakes in swaying.  I only think the real fails are the ones that do all 7 sway factors and still get an oppsoite.  even more so the ones that do all 7 along with egs and get an opposite

Im hurt by this comment... For one me and my DH did NOT make any mistake for sure. 

I didn't post my attempt but if someone pm me the spreadsheed I will fill it out. 

Both me and DH was on the diet, sups and drinks. We did not cheat on anything! Also used bs , ew and did MSU. There was no mix , ph was good , ew was clear as glass , used IC and did it on O day.I can go on and on .I did msu for 16 months I can do it in my dream. I did your "magic 7" and did not work. Also had 3 msu m/c.

I remember you told Rebirtha if she don't get a boy you take TBM  off the list.So why is that? She had a mix msu and she did not stick to the diet , drink and sups that month. (she told me so)What about me..?you don't take MSU of from the list for sure .

 Also I don't believe it's a "seasonal thing" . We did have girls before and some people did not come back after they find out it's a girl....Don't want to hurt no ones feeling here but I think we need a big bucket of luck to get the gender we want!

By the way Im also hurt by the comments  what ppl make about us having girls . Maybe they don't even relize it... No wonder we desappear...