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Mucus Plug??....(Warning Picture Included)

Is it August yet??

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16-Oct-09 7:00 am
Just wondering if this is indeed a piece of Mucus Plug. I've been noticing the same sort of discharge since yesterday, some of it was brown tinged but this was by far the biggest piece, about the size of a half dollar.



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16-Oct-09 7:10 am

sure looks like it to me!!

GL xx


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16-Oct-09 7:15 am

Definately!!!! How exciting! I hope things go quickly and smoothly for youxxx

I just wanted to say that in the early days of pregnancy when ladies notice a yellowy green snot like discharge in their first few weeks (somebody has to come up with a nicer desciptionStick out tongue) , that your picture is exactly what they are seeing, the creation of the mucus plug!

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16-Oct-09 9:00 am

Agree  Not long now, always have lost my plug first, baby arrived 2-4 days after, Good Luck xxxxxx

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16-Oct-09 11:14 am

TY! no really, I was wonding the difference between, the plug and "bloody show". If I remember, the day I started having real labor contractions, I also had bits of bloody mucus every time I went to the bathroom. I don't remember just a plain ol' plug. I had my babies the days I was having the mucosy, bloody stuff. Am I making any sense? I would just like to say to hubbie, "yep, today is  the day". Instead of "it might be......"

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16-Oct-09 11:17 am

Ooooooooooooo!  Exciting!!!!!  GL!

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16-Oct-09 11:19 am

should be soon.  Good luck!!

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16-Oct-09 2:26 pm

Yep, that's the mucous plug, which you can start losing anytime in the last month of pregnancy.  I lost mine 3 weeks before I went into labor.  I had the bloody streaked (bloody show) mucous plug 5 minutes before my first contraction.  Shouldn't be too long now.

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16-Oct-09 9:28 pm

Wow.  Ive never lost mine or even had a bloody show.  Your on your way.  GL.

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16-Oct-09 10:13 pm

 Wahoo!! Never thought something so gross could be so exciting!! 

HOpe your labor is fast and smooth!! Keep us posted!!

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25-May-12 3:59 pm
i thought i was the only one experiencing this 37 going on 38 weeks and yesterday and today have been experiencing this i thought i was sooo un normal and now that i know im not the only one i feel way better ... ii didnt think eht was my mucus plug because everyone was saying a mucus plug is a bloody show


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25-May-12 8:47 pm
def a plug but so far mine has fallen out twice.. i guess it can regenerate if you aren't ready... or doctors keep stopping your labor. hopefully you will go soon, send me labor dust please.

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