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New! You can now create your own InGender blog!


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15-Oct-09 6:31 pm

 Previously I had to manually create a blog for you (and apologies to those who had to wait for this!) -- now you can create your own blog!

Just click the Blogs tab, then click Create a Blog.  You can choose the group for your blog (high tech, swaying, adoption, etc.), and you can also choose who can see your blog (everyone, members, or Gold only).  

I have also added a "My Blog" link to quickly go to your blog once you've created one.  Happy Blogging!!!


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15-Oct-09 6:34 pm

Very cool Agree

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15-Oct-09 6:51 pm

Agree I love how you give us so much power!!!  (and I'm sure it's easier for you!)


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