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Psychic / Astrology Gender Predictions you would not recommend

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12-Oct-09 4:54 pm

Please list those people who you would not recommend on this thread.  We can not slander anyone, so therefore just list the person and if someone wants to know why you must pm them.  Thanks.

**for the record I do not believe in any of this at all, but I saw a need for this post.

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12-Oct-09 5:02 pm






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12-Oct-09 5:47 pm

None of my prediction have come true I would not recommend any of them:

Jenny Renny, Brooke, Tiana, ebay lady, fortune baby, Cheri.

The only thing that has been working for me are the prayers to GOD that are sent to us from all of the wonderful ladies here. Love Ya!

I also learn that if I believe anything is possible with love.

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12-Oct-09 6:26 pm

I think most realise that this is all in fun and nothing to be counted on really....BUT I do think this thread is a great idea to make complaints against the individuals/sites that have been (or been implicated in) ripping people off i.e. not delivered readings and skipped off with money. I say this because I have suspected some have tried to drum up business here and know for a fact that they have at other sites and did rip people off. Here's mine. 

Christina/Ruby.  Not sure of her other alias'.

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12-Oct-09 6:35 pm

 Any predictions from MILs!

 Mistress Cleo


 Friends that just know/have a feeling! Hmm

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12-Oct-09 8:04 pm

any psychic....intelligender tmpob...drano...ect..

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12-Oct-09 8:54 pm

 I wouldn't rec any of them LOL I think it is all for fun and should be a "at your own risk" type thing. 


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12-Oct-09 9:24 pm

I do agree it's all in fun and to take everything with a grain of salt, however, I do believe that there are people out there with real abilities. Unfortunately, there are people on the internet that can take advantage and scam.

Since my post is gone about a particular website and person, which is fine (anyone wants to know, PM me, I'll be glad to tell why), I will have to say that I do NOT recommend:

"Lydia" the "babypsychic"

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13-Oct-09 12:07 am

 I would not recommend Jenny Renny.

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13-Oct-09 3:46 am
I would NOT recommend Tianna

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25-Oct-09 11:18 am

I wouldnt recommend Roxie or cheri or Ruby

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25-Oct-09 12:11 pm

 fortunebaby or cosmetic

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7-Dec-09 1:22 pm

I would definately not use Ruby. She totally scammed me took my money and never gave me my reading !!!

Very upsetting

Jo x

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20-Jan-10 6:26 am

I would not recommend:

- Cheri

- Victoria

- Valerie

- Reedus

- Cosmitec

 If you want more info pls pm me!

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26-Jan-10 7:46 am

cosmitec, valerie, tarot reader from ebay, they were all wrong and took too long lol

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