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I have a question for the techs please....(pics)

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30-Sep-09 1:39 pm

I have a friend that works on a L&D floor... she does not do u/s but they have a machine there so they can do amnios and check the baby's position anyways she told me to come up and she would give me a freebie! ( she knows I have been dying to see my baby! ) anyways of course she couldn't tell me anything about my baby but we managed to steal a few shots It was one of THE oldest dinosaur machines I have EVER seen so I apologize for the bad grainy pictures! my question is in all my pictures my baby's head looks funny and deformed he doesn't looke like this on all of my other u/s it is like two different babies! lol anyways could the machine have just not been able to catch good pics or should I be concernd... one in particular looks like he has a GIANT nose and a small mouth and chin he doesn't even look like that in all my other photos it has me concerned... well here they are!

This is the picture that makes him look like an old man with a GIANT nose.... please tell me his nose didn't grow like that and his chin didn't shrink! am I looking at him wrong?


Here are a few others from the same scan to compare...