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Neither of my boys watched the presidential message yesterday...


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13-Sep-09 4:42 pm


Now I want to be clear I am not trying to start a HUGE discussion on racism!!!!!

Yes, by all means you are intitled to disagree and by no means whatsoever am I accusing every person who does not agree with him a racist. However, it would be ignorant to pretend that some people react more strongly to every little thing because of the color of his skin. In my opinion it is obvious when people question his citizenship "he must be muslim or really born in Africa" or the fact that when he wants to address students it is a HUGE controversy. It wasn't one when Bush (or Regan for that matter) gave a speech. Does that mean that every person who does not like him, or did not want him to speak to the kids is racist, absolutely not. Still, I would be lying if I said I didn't think some people will combat this man including a harmless speach about staying in school because of his skin. I am sure there we're people who deeply disagreed with each of the previous Presidents who once addressed students in a speech, and were their speeches banned from schools? I think not. We do live in America where racism once tore this nation apart and there are still ignorant people that have passed that down from generation to generation.  Now do I walk around accussing every person of racism that does not agree with him, of course not, and I would hate to think that is all you took from that comment, but lets be realistic he is the first bi-racial President and when the thread turns from his principles or what he said in a speech, to is he muslim or really American, I have to wonder some people's motivation. That does not mean I called you a racist. 


I can agree with you that some people do react more because the color of his skin.  Not me, but there are idiots everywhere that wouldn't vote for the man because of his skin color and LIKEWISE people who DID VOTE FOR HIM because of his skin color.....equally idiotic.

Now I can't judge him on whether he is or isn't a Christian...that is between him and the Lord....HOWEVER, he certainly makes me wonder if he is in fact Muslim and was a Christian just for show (votes).....and if he is then he is a all goes back to honesty to me.  Is the man honest?  Can I trust what he is telling me?  I have to say NO on both accounts.