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Does insurance ever cover the IVF?

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8-Sep-09 3:52 pm

If your insurance covers IVF, and you meet their definition of infertile, then yes they should cover the IVF portion regardless of the fact you add in (and pay separately for) PGD.  You should contact your insurance company directly and find out your infertility coverage, and their process for determining coverage for IVF.  It may be that they send a form to your RE, and then it's up to your RE whether to "code" you as infertile or otherwise provide information required by the insurance company (that's how my insurance company works it - it's totally out of my hands and up to the RE's diagnosis).  I've heard other insurance companies require you to have been trying for 12 months, and/or to have already done a number of IUI's.  But you won't know if this is what they require unless you ask, and I believe it differs greatly from company to company.

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