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Confession Of a LIAR

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5-Sep-09 11:59 am

So DH bought me my dream car two years ago a brand new 07 4 runner leather seats and third row.  We recently bought a boat and haven't laid boat parking yet beside our driveway so the boat sits in the drive crowding out our vehicles.  Well...... about 3 months ago I was pulling out of the garage and slightly skid across the boat trailer and put a fairly big scratch along side of the car.  I was afraid to look and just went about my business thinking if i ignore it it will go away right.  Well  the next day DH was pulling out of the garage and it was a really tight squeeze and I said are you sure you didn't hit the boat and he says yah I'm sure.  Well when we got to the mall I got out of the car and said "OMG honey you scratched the car"  "We really need to lay concrete for boat parking"  he said "Man how did that happen I was sure I was far enough"  To witch I replied "Well don't worry it's a tight squeeze it was bound to happen sooner or later we will get it fixed"  To this day he thinks he did it.  OOOOPs.

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5-Sep-09 12:06 pm

Happy ROFL

I did the same thing to my DH.  I put his favourite shirt through in a colour wash and it ran with dye...  The shirt was ruined but instead of admitting it I hid the shirt and snuck out the next day to try and find something that would reverse the damage.  Well this bottle said you put the shirt in a bucket with so much water, and then put this magic dye reversing liquid in.  So I did, and as the instructions said I left it for awhile.  When I came back to it, it was much, MUCH worse.  Like the shirt was so badly ruined it was just hideous.  So I quietly threw it away, tied up the bin sack and put it in the wheelie bin.

DH bitched and moaned for months about this shirt, and I just kept saying I didn't know where it was, he hadn't given it to me to wash, I hadn't seen it, he must have lost it and how could he be so stupid as to lose his favourite shirt!!! 

Anyway, I confessed to my evilness about 8 years later, by which time he didn't care anyway so I was totally off the hook!!!!

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8-Jun-10 2:24 pm

 awww on the other end of it, when i moved house i searched and searched for my diaries from mychildhood i had three of them, and i wrote in them everyday. i loved looking back on how i felt and seeing how far i had come. when i couldnt find them i asked my XOH if he had seen them, he even looked for them with me. when it became clear they were nowhere we had to leave thehouse,i cried about them diaries for months, i was sooooo upset and XOH kept saying how could u lose them, did u leave them somewhere.i was so  mad at myself.

2yrs later after DS was born he admitted he binned thembecause hedidnt like what was written in them. 

i never ever forgave him for lying to me. not much has changed hes still a liar and hes sly, i would have respected him a hell of a lot more if he was truthful.

honesty is always the best policy ladies.


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