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How are all the July babies doing?!?

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14-Sep-09 8:11 am

 30th July Baby Girl Here :)

Doing well!! 7weeks old in two days time, its flown... scary how that happens in the blink of an eye huh!

She is smiling now, its gorgeous :)

Her big brother (21mnths) loves her to pieces, sits and holds her, kisses and hugs, shares toys and wants to play with her.. its adorable! Such a good big brother, amazing the bond there, never thought a toddler so young would have that connection with a "baby". :)

Breastfeeding is going superb! Very happy!

She feeds every 2hrs pretty much throughout the day and feeds about twice during the night.. which makes up for it! I was feeding her on the hour or two for the first few weeks, and the nights were shocking, I was getting no sleep at all! She is slowly settling into a pattern and realising night time is sleep time luckily for me... :)

Hope the other July Mummies are going well!!! xx