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Our little boy has arrived!

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27-Aug-09 7:36 pm

Hi ladies!

Thomas is here and I am SO in love! 3:53pm on Wed August 26th weighing 7lb 9oz! He's so handsome and precious altho needs some Oxygen care as he swallowed some amniotic fluid and is having a some trouble. Have to get back to the expressing and my little man! Here's one pic and will update more later......Love Ya!

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27-Aug-09 7:39 pm

Such a handsome baby! Congrats and I hope he gets to breathing well soon!

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27-Aug-09 7:53 pm

Congrats he is precious!

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28-Aug-09 5:23 am

Congratulations on your precious new arrival!!!!!! He is such a cutie!Hearts

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28-Aug-09 5:45 am

Oh my Thomas is such a beautiful little man and im not just saying that, what a cutee.

CONGRATZ to you and your family oxoxoxoxo

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28-Aug-09 6:43 am


Happy CelebrateCongratulations on your little man he is so gorgeous!!!!!Baby Bear Boy

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28-Aug-09 6:51 am
  He sure is a cutieHearts

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28-Aug-09 7:38 am

What a handsome little man you have there! Congrats!

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28-Aug-09 9:31 am

 Congratulations hes very cute Love Ya!

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28-Aug-09 9:48 am

He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations.  I hope he is home with you soon!

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28-Aug-09 10:13 am

 wow, he is beautiful!!!Congrats

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28-Aug-09 1:32 pm

What a beautiful little boy!!! CONGRATS Happy Celebrate

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28-Aug-09 1:40 pm
He is unbelievably gorgeous. I wish he was mine. Congratulations. Enjoy every minute.


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28-Aug-09 3:53 pm

 What a sweet and perfect little boy.  Congratulations to you and your family!

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28-Aug-09 3:57 pm

 he is so beautiful!! congrats! Happy Celebrate

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