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The Moon's Gender by Sign Prediction Results


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26-Aug-09 4:47 am

As promised, I will be posting the predictions, accuracy of info received, and the resulting kiddo here.  If you PM me for a prediction and prefer not to be added to this public list, please let me know.

The Moon's Gender by Sign Theory:

The moon cycles through the 12 signs continuously. Each sign is associated with either Male or Female. Thus the moon moves alternately through the genders taking 2.5 days to transit through each. 

A baby's sex is determined by the gender of the moon under which it was conceived.  Conception being the moment the sperm penetrates the egg. Ovulation and intercourse are simply factors that help us estimate conception. But it is the literal conception on which the theory hinges.


* Although this theory is often used in conjunction with Jonas dates, i.g. at Cosmitec, it is completely separate from Jonas. Jonas dates will not be factored into this thread. 


Genders of the Signs:

Aries - Male  (the strongest Male moon)

Taurus - Female

Gemini - Male

Cancer - Female  (the strongest Female moon)  

Leo - Male

Virgo - Female

Libra - Male

Scorpio - Female

Sagittarius - Male

Capricorn - Female

Aquarius - Male

Pisces - Female  


Good Luck Clover & Hearts


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26-Aug-09 5:15 am
Name: Certainty of Conception Time: Gender Prediction: Due Date: Confirmed Gender: Notes:

bbotkins Estimate On the Cusp 29Oct09 Girl
PurplePassion Fair Girl

FearyMay Fair Girl 01Dec09 Girl
OneDream Fair On the Cusp

IJIMYANGELS Fair On the Cusp

Palms Good Boy 10Mar10 Boy
malaynasmommy Good Boy 01Jan10 Boy
mamerpp Fair Boy 10Nov09

ChelseaRae Good Girl 01Sep09

mislinz Good On the Cusp

sunnyinflorida Good Male 09Mar10 Girl
Mommie~of~3 Good Girl 16Oct09 Girl
chanty79 Fair On the Cusp
Boy 60% Boy
Joe~Ann~Mae Fair Girl 10Aug09 Boy
eggo is preggo Fair Girl
pink wish Estimate On the Cusp

morganstar83 Good On the Cusp

BrownEyes Good On the Cusp 26Jan10

Lyndsay Estimate On the Cusp 23Jan10 Girl
Javidtyo Fair Boy 01Jan10 Boy
oh4agirl Fair Girl
rhondamc Estimate Girl

babeegirl1 Good Girl

fata Good Girl 01Nov09 Girl
Mommy hoping for a girl Estimate Girl 25Jan10 Girl
preggiecole Good On the Cusp 20Feb10
65% Girl
texasbabylove Fair Girl

grl3bys Good

ShipsandSails Estimate

barbiedream Estimate Girl

Havinganother10 Good On the Cusp 09Feb10 Girl 60% Girl
luckynumberthree Good Boy

waitingtomeetmyDD Estimate Girl 15Feb10

xxBellaxx Estimate On the Cusp 30Nov09

laurap24 Estimate Girl

Monkeys Good Girl 16Feb10 Girl
arabeth Great Girl 18Mar10 Girl
NurseLindsay Estimate On the Cusp
Girl 70% Boy
going4no4 Fair Girl

lmwood Estimate On the Cusp 07Feb10 Girl
Threeplusonemore Fair Girl

chocolate Estimate Girl

noelle08 Fair Girl

smalltowncutie82 Estimate Girl

NDBaby Good Boy 09Jan10 Boy
MAnZaniTARocKs Fair On the Cusp 21Feb10

xpctngababy Good Girl

groovy baby Estimate Girl 02Apr10

aprilmama TTC ttc

fortune313 Estimate Boy 11Feb10

Tammy34 Estimate Boy 15Mar10 Boy
ladybugwanted Fair Girl

momofboys Fair Boy 09Feb10 Girl
beckles62 Fair Girl 12Oct09 Girl
crystal-light Fair Girl 01Apr10

mmmcantthink Estimate On the Cusp

zaibammi Fair Boy 10Jan09

babymaker Estimate On the Cusp

sush0509 Estimate Girl

youngmoon Estimate Boy 28Dec09

Ollies_mummy Fair On the Cusp 01May10
60% Girl
four gorgeous babies Good Girl 03Jan10

beckles62 Good Girl 01Oct09 Girl
kaseybaby Fair Boy

Blessed_with_Children Estimate Girl 01May10
80% Girl
bayla Estimate On the Cusp 24Feb10 Girl 55% Boy
Juicy Girl Good Girl 08Apr10 Boy? 95% Girl
jmf223 Good Girl 02Feb10 Girl 90% Girl
blessed2havekids Fair Girl 24Feb10

Bellla Fair Boy 12May10
90% Boy
havingno2 Fair Girl 01Feb10

baby_girl Fair Girl 01May10
85% Girl
bebe2009 Estimate Boy 12Dec09
90% Boy
loveydovey Estimate Boy 01Apr10
75% Boy
cludwig99 Fair Boy 01Mar10
90% Boy
mrslittle Fair Girl 01Jun10 Girl 90% Girl
Ronny4269 Fair Boy 15Feb10 Girl 60% Boy
LuvMyEvan Fair On the Cusp

55% Boy
pinkbean Estimate Girl 01May10

DuchessScrat Fair Girl 01Apr10
85% Girl
julia0310 Fair Girl 01Mar10 Girl 60% Girl
swaymeblu Good On the Cusp

SummersTurn Good Girl 01May10
90% Girl
AngelDelight Good Girl 01May10
75% Girl
lemonade Good Boy 01Jun09
90% Boy
Minnie Mouse Good Boy 01Jun09

AmyK3 Fair Girl 01Apr09
80% Girl
roshu77 Good Boy 01Jun06

First-Baby-254 Good Girl 29Jan10

wconeill Good Boy 01Jul08 Boy 99% Boy
kinleebrooke0410 Good Boy 16Jan10 Boy 95% Boy
mamikelly1 Fair Girl 01Feb10 Boy 85% Girl
olivetree Fair Boy 01May10
85% Boy
thirdtimearound Good Girl 01Apr10
95% Girl
amma Fair Girl 01Apr10

frenchesca Good Girl 01May10
95% Girl
JenRN Good On the Cusp 01Mar10
flyjm Good Boy 01Apr10

deb2799 Good Boy 01Jun10

luv_mummy Good Boy 01Apr10
80% Boy
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16-Sep-09 5:26 am

Last Updated:  Oct 7, 2009 

Accuracy to date: (sorted by estimated certainty of info)

Good: 92%

Fair: 58%

Estimate: 100%

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27-Sep-09 4:28 pm

I have sent you a pm, hoping I gave you enough information to draw a conclusion with, if you need anything else let me know.  Thanks so much!


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29-Sep-09 3:32 pm

Can you do mine please for fun :)

Fairy sure conceived on 15th August

AF was due on 27th august got my BFP that day

This baby is due 3rd May 2009 


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29-Sep-09 4:18 pm

MY DUE DATE IS 12/12/2009

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1-Oct-09 1:12 am

beelover06- I am checking my pms now :) 

bebe2009 - The due dates are estimates set to the 1st based on when you conceived unless you give me your specific info. I have update your info. 

Mixture.. and ANYONE WANTING A PREDICTION- Please PM me.



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13-Oct-09 12:36 pm

right for me...

 photo boybaby_zps21881503.gif(8)  photo boybaby_zps21881503.gif(6.5)  photo boybaby_zps21881503.gif(5.5)  photo babygirl_zps54e18b68.gif (4)

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16-Oct-09 4:07 am


I have already written you little earlier please help me to predict my baby.

Conceive on 5th,6th and 7th May. due date 24th Jan'2010.

 Thank you

Sumina Pray for Baby Girl

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21-Oct-09 12:06 am

Hi... Can you predict the gender of my little one?

I am born in June 3 1985 (Gemini), and concieved on May 16 2009.

Thanks in advance!


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21-Oct-09 12:31 am

Hi there...I am confused.  Is it the month you are due or conceive?  So, I just TTC these past few days and IF i do get preggo I would be due in JULY (cancer) the strongest girl month.  Is that right or should I be looking at Oct. for when I am conceiving?

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21-Oct-09 7:37 pm

 Just wondering, if the signs change approx every 2.5 days, what is the sway for the inbetween days? Say for example on Mon the sign was acquarius - very boy, and Thurs was pisces - very girl, what does Tues and Wed come under boy territory, girl territory or neither?


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28-Oct-09 12:07 am

Hi Jamie,

I PM'd you recently and would love to hear your prediction! Just wanted to bump this up...



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22-Nov-09 1:26 am

Hi everyone, I'm working my way back from a stressful hiatus and hope to have free time over the holidays to answer all your questions! A la prochaine fois... 


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22-Nov-09 9:15 am

Hey ScootieLou...glad to see you back! I just found out Friday that I'm pregnant! I'll PM you and give you the info :)

Can't wait to see the updated results!

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