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Does anyone else look at the hospital online pictures of babies?


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20-Aug-09 8:41 pm

 Sometimes they post them in the local paper and the names are getting crazy.17 years ago when I looked in the paper at my little brothers pic there was a baby girl beside him named Suzy Q. I thought that was cute.

I kind of like Atreyu but I don't think I could name my baby that. On the same note as "the neverending story" I liked the name Auryn for a girl but I didn't want it pronounced the same as that amulet in the movie it's pronounced Oren, I wanted Ahh-rynne.

I've been seeing "Jareth" alot lately and I think that's pretty cool. Havoc is not a name one should be giving a child if you ask me. I think kids live up to the meanings of their names.

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