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Let's guess on Jessicaann's birth!

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25-Feb-10 2:47 pm

two Tweens-n-a Baby"]

[quote user="Partyof6:

btw did you order any maisy daisys yet? I'm debating about exchanging some of mine, a few look so similiar should have gotten more variety. Doh! if they even do exchanges..[/quote]

I was going to ask you about the sizes...are they the same as the one I have?  I think Ava's head might be to big lol


Nah they'll totally fit Ava, they were the exact same sz. I measured them. She sells a newborn size but only on a select few, almost all of them automatically come in "average" size. My big girls are dying to wear them but I won't let them, I'm afraid they'll stretch. Plus they have all the ones you sent so they don't need to steal Avery's! lol