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update on baby Nolan

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1-Aug-09 5:38 pm

sorry to have been so short. i was in sooo much pain, and had very little time, but wanted so bad to post. this c section is much harder recovery, and i've had horrible headaches from the spinal.

i have to say i'm over the moon with this baby boy. i feel so complete. i have NO GD. i was cuddeling with my son in bed in the early afternoon when my water broke. i was 4 days away from my 37th week. baby was delievered about 5 hours later c section. he's a little guy. 5lbs, 11 ozs,  19.5 inches long. he has a full head of light brown hair with a lot of blonde highlights. i love how much my 3 year old, and husband  love him already. i feel so folish, and have tried not to be upset with my self over the disapointment i felt when i was told he was a boy( 20 weeks ago).than i felt cheated out of having the perfect family,but now  i would'nt trade him for the world. i even have decided if i'm ever so blessed to have a third. i would gladly take another boy.

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1-Aug-09 5:41 pm

awww, good for you and huge congrats......thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

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1-Aug-09 6:02 pm

Glad to hear your not still upset over having a boy. I have been there myself only with girls since I have 5 girls and 1 boy but I am now expecting my other boy and am thrilled. I don't love my little girls any less either. I hope you get feeling better soon so you can enjoy your little guy.

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1-Aug-09 6:54 pm


Its so nice to read a post like yours,Im really pleased for you and your family. you will love having 2 boys and the fun hasnt even got going yet.

good luck and i hope you feel better soon.





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1-Aug-09 6:56 pm

That is so wonderful to hear!

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2-Aug-09 2:47 am

Congrats to you!

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2-Aug-09 11:29 am

Wonderful post!  Heart

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2-Aug-09 3:21 pm

An inspiring post. Congratulations on your beautiful baby. He is one lucky wee baby.

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2-Aug-09 7:56 pm

 Congratulations!! Enjoy your new little guy! xx

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3-Aug-09 11:30 am

so glad to hear about the lack of GD. congrats on your little man!!!Baby Bear Boy

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