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Rayna Joan's Birth Story

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28-Jul-09 9:41 am

Yeah, it's kinda long, but here it is!!

 After talking with Paul, I agreed to talk to the mw about being induced, but only if I was ready to be, of course (even Paul agreed to that part, no point in putting mom or baby at risk!).  So, at my 38 week app, she checked, but I wasn't ready (soft, but baby was too high).  The next week, I went in on the Tuesday, and when she checked, I was 3cm, very soft, and baby was low enough.  So, she stretched me then, and said she'd call the following day to tell me when I'd go in.  It was going to be either Wed or Thursday, Friday at the latest.  Of course, I spent the evening cleaning and making sure everything was ready for my sil to look after the kids.  However, since I didn't know for sure that I'd be going in the next day, I went to bed when I got tired, and figured I'd finish the rest of it the following day.  I did make sure I got the diapers in the dryer.... LOL... I remembered it when I woke up at 2am!!
Well, the next morning I woke up at 7:30am, to the phone ringing.  It was the mw, asking me how soon could I go in, to meet with the OB/GYN (have to before she can induce me).  So, I flew into panic mode, trying to drag Paul with me.... he refused, and just decided to get things done calmly instead!  We were supposed to be there for 9-9:30ish (hospital's 20 mins away) and Paul had the car packed and ready to go and dragged me out of the house around 8:50am.  That's when we had to go get air in the tire, and pick up something to eat (since both mom and dad seemed to have forgotten breakfast!!) and had to get past the people digging up the intersection.... you get the idea!  We managed to get to the hospital still rather quickly, about 9:15.
You would think that walking in they'd know right where to send me, but we ended up getting sent all over the place, registered twice, and backtracking several times before we Finally were hooked up to monitors for a non stress test at shortly after ten.  That would've taken the usual 20 mins, except that it wasn't working, so it took about an hour, and two push button thingys to get the darn test done!!  Then we had to wait (and pee) for awhile until the dr came.  She got there, and talked to me for a few mins, then asked if I wanted her to break my waters, or wait for the mw.  Having done it before twice and not going into labour from it, I told her to go ahead and break it then call the mw.  So, the waters were broken at 11:30am, and i was told to stay in bed for awhile.  Now, you're talking to a couple of people who have four other kids, and very little time to sit down... I think it took about ten minutes before Paul and I were trying to figure out what to do?  Talking is fine, and we did watch Ellen, but really, for us, just sitting there, not so much fun!!  I'm not sure what time it was, but I know Paul went over to Subway and got food at some point, which he shared (even though I had said I didn't want anything).  I went to the bathroom what felt like every ten minutes (felt l worse since I had broken waters and had to carry the stupid giant pad with me, and be unhooked from the monitor every time I wanted to get up!!) and, of course, Paul did find a birthing ball to amuse himself with!!
Now onto the more interesting stuff!!  MW finally got there I think around 1:00ish.  The bloodlab people came to take blood and mw put in the IV lock right afterward.  She spent lots of time getting ready and getting the pitocin (since, as I'd predicted, the water breaking had done nothing but make a mess).  I was hooked up to that at 2:00.  The contractions started soon afterward, but were not hard, and were far apart.  So, in other words, i wasn't really in labour yet.  I was just getting very frustrated and discouraged, and now had an IV to pull along every time I went to the bathroom.  I, being a mom of four already, am continuously looking at the clock, terrified that we're going to get a call from sil saying she needs relief and Paul will have to go, or that it'll get late and I'm going to be knowing that my kids are waiting for me to get home and be upset when I don't.  I know I'm supposed to be thinking about having another baby, but my babies at home were on my mind.  About 3:45 I started talking to Paul about it, though I'd mentioned it before, and really talking about what to do if we needed to.... do we bring the 2 year old up to the hospital and leave sil with the ones she can handle?  Do we try to find a backup sitter?  Do we send Paul home and try to find someone to come up to be with me?  Yes, I really am the narotic that I think like this while I'm almost in labour!!  Finally, I just told Paul to call sil and see what she said.  She was perfect for what I needed, and said she was fine and there till we had a baby and came home.  Phew what a relief!!
Well, this was right about 4:00, and Literally about 60 seconds after Paul getting off the phone, I had a contraction, but this one was Very different.  A few minutes later, another, then another.  This was it, I was FINALLY in labour!!  I was using the ball at this point (had been since 3:30 or so) which was pretty helpful, and I could feel baby getting lower and lower.  Two more trips to pee later (they were 30 mins apart these trips) and mw asked me to get up on the bed so she could check me.  It was 5:00. and I was only 5cm dilated.  5cm??  After an hour??  Plus all the warm up stuff beforehand??  This was momentarily discouraging again, being said to someone who's last two labours were 1 and 1.5 hours!!  Then I remembered, and immediately reminded my husband and mw, I've never been anything between 5-10, I just skip those, except for 'the lip' once.  That made me feel a bit better.  Contractions were much stronger now, with Pauls hand starting to get used as a stress ball.  It was also encouraging that the mw called for the 2nd, and chose the closer of the two, even though she was not my second mw.  I knew she didn't anticipate me lasting the 45 mins or more that it would take the other mw to get there.  At about 5:30, I started feeling intense pressure, but not really the urge to push.  This would be about the point that Paul was silently laughing at me, as I began whining that I couldn't do this, and needed drugs ;) No, he did Not LOL, he held my hand and was putting a cold cloth on my head.  I did try pushing a few times, but knew it wasn't working.  I wanted to push, but felt I was getting nowhere.  Finally, mw checked me and found a lip.  She said she'd try holding it, and did for 3 contractions.  Pushing then I felt I was doing something, but yet again, when she stopped, i felt the pushing was pointless.  She held it again, and as soon as the next contraction came, I pushed and felt baby moving... a Lot!!  In that one push, baby was crowning!  The thought going through my head was about how badly I was going to tear if it came out that fast!!  After that I did as I was told, lots and lots of small, gentle pushes, and could feel the head coming out.  As soon as it was, they wanted me to push the shoulders out, but I wanted to rest!  I did for a sec, then finally did what they wanted and pushed the rest of the baby out.  Baby Rayna was born at 6:12pm on July 22. 
MW held baby up to show me, that she was a Girl!  This actually took a few seconds to kick in, then realized I now have a baby girl!!  How had Paul managed to keep that secret for 5 months??  Uh-oh.... what do I do with a girl again?....
With her in my arms (and very quickly peeing on me), I looked over and saw my teary eyed husband.  A baby girl, neither of us was used to this yet!!
The next few hours were much quieter, with baby Rayna Joan being held by mom and dad, except for getting her newborn exam. This was when we found out she'd been born at 6:12, and weighed 6lbs 12oz!  Everything went well, she's a perfect little baby!
We left the hospital about 9:00 that night, and came home to a house full of very excited siblings!  Since then, we've all been doing very well! 

There ya go!!  Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks for all the support and the baby girl IG!!


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28-Jul-09 9:43 am

Here's another pics from 3 days old

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28-Jul-09 9:48 am

Thanks for sharing her story and pics! She is so beautiful! Congrats

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28-Jul-09 9:59 am

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28-Jul-09 10:14 am


She's beautiful!

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28-Jul-09 11:16 am
CONGRATULATIONS! what a beauty!
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28-Jul-09 11:54 am

Congrats! She is beautiful!!!


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28-Jul-09 4:53 pm

CONGRATS! she's beautiful!

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29-Jul-09 9:29 am

Congrats! She's soooo pretty and petite! great name choice (my DD is Reina, said same way as your's). Happy Giggle



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29-Jul-09 9:55 am

Congrats!!! Great birth story as well!!!! 

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29-Jul-09 3:10 pm

I am so excited for you and your DAUGHTER!  She is just so cute!!!!!!  Congratulations mama!

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29-Jul-09 10:15 pm

 That second picture is just the cutest!  Congrats

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29-Jul-09 11:14 pm

Congrats on your little girl- She's so cute!

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30-Jul-09 8:40 am

 That second picture is breath taking- she's so darn cute! Happy birthday, and welcome to the world! Hearts

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