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IMPORTANT: Receiving email from


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20-Jul-07 2:47 pm

If you wish to receive emails sent from this forum, it is very important to whitelist the domain and/or the following email address: maureen1@in-gender.comBe sure to include the dash in  If you do not do this, there is a good chance that email from this site will NOT reach you.

You will never receive spam from  Emails sent automatically from this site that you may want to receive include:

  • Notifications that you have received a private message
  • Notifications that new posts have been made to forums, if you have signed up for this
  • Email to reset a forgotten password, etc.

In the past, these emails have been sent "from" my regular email address,  However, my mailbox has become habitually swamped with bounced emails -- hundreds per day -- so I am switching to the email address for these automatically generated emails.

The problem is caused by ISPs and other mail providers getting more and more aggressive about refusing to accept any email which is suspected to be spam, so many emails from this site which are intended for you are being refused by your ISP, and being bounced back to me.  (While at the same time, lots of spam still gets through.)  More and more I am seeing emails rejected from Yahoo, AOL, and military servers (.mil email addresses).

To avoid this problem, you should whitelist the domain and/or mail address as noted above.   Whitelisting means that you indicate that you wish to receive email from the address.  I cannot give you specific instructions for how to do this, because it varies depending on your mail program and internet service provider.  Unfortunately, even with whitelisting, I cannot promise you will always receive the emails, because I cannot control whether your provider chooses to accept an email or not.

I hope this is helpful for those of you who want to receive email from in-gender! 

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