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Baby Ruby's Birth Story

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13-Jul-09 6:51 pm

 It started out on July 1st, I went in for a midwife visit. She checked me and i was 1-2cms dialated, and my cervix was soft, and babies head was engaged. She did a membrane sweep and then i went home to wait. For the next 2 days I started losing my mucus plug, but no contractions. Then on Sat July 3rd I had some bloody show. So I went to the store got everything ready, and dh and i went out walking. ihad a few contractions, but nothing regular. Then about 9:30 they started to get uncomfortable abd regular. At 10 pm I called the midwife , and she said she would meet us at the birth center at 11pm. we arrived and she checked me and i was 6-7cms, effaced, and baby was at 0 station. I got in the tub and the contractions got stronger and at 12:30am on July 5th baby Ruby was born.

We went to the bed and got to know each other and we went home about 3 Am. july 5th is also My Son Joe's birthday, so now he has a birthday buddy.

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13-Jul-09 6:54 pm

 That sounds like a lovely birth experience! Congratulations on her arrival!! xox

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13-Jul-09 6:59 pm

Congrats on your baby!  I wish I wasn't high risk, I would love, love love to have a water birth!

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13-Jul-09 8:34 pm

How cute that they share a birthday!!!!  I got a membrane sweep today.  I am 3 cm but still thick so I don't think it will help much.  We'll see. 



Congratulations on your daughter! Hoping you post photos!Hearts

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14-Jul-09 7:04 am


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