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New member Does anyone have the phone No for Australian Pink or Blue test by Nimble Diagnostics

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13-Jul-07 12:36 am

I will introduce myself properly in the next few days let just say that i am very determined to have a little girl after 3 boys.

I took the test but i want to call them to see if they received it okay, and there are no's!!! Only American Toll free.


Cany anyone help?


Thanks Roslyn 



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13-Jul-07 6:36 am

Sorry I don't have that #...maybe you can google and look for it??

I hate to be the bummer about the test but it is soooooooo not accurate.  Especially if you have had boys before.  I was told I was having my 3rd boy and I had a girl.  There is so much on this site about this test.  The main point here is that even if you have taken this test, you will still "always wonder" if it was correct...especially if you hear what you don't want to hear.  And if you do hear what you want, you will set your self up for a possible let down at the ultrasound.  Again...sorry to be such a let down but there is no reliable test other then amnio or CVS to determine gender.....

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14-Jul-08 1:39 pm

From memory I think their number is on their website?

I tried the test last year and it was accurate for me (and I had a boy previous to my baby girl). A friend of mine who recently tried it (and *so far* it looks like it was right) told me the test accuracy is now 95%. I'm pretty sure when I tried it they quoted a 90% accuracy rate, so they may even have fine-tuned it to make it better? Might be worth doing if you really want to know like I did!

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