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Anyone use Dr Jonas method? successful or failed

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10-Jul-07 8:19 am

Hi all,  I saw a method on seemed convincing on their website, but don't understand how can women ovulate outside the normal ovulation cycle.  If anyone knows about this method, would like your view on it.

Many thanks



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10-Jul-07 8:27 am
I chose to concieve in a month that was meant to be a girl month for me and I'm indeed having a girl. I think their O date and time was off by a few days but it didn't seem to matter. Who knows it could have just been coincidence as well. Good luck. Lily
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10-Jul-07 5:41 pm

Hi Lily, thank you very much for your reply. Can i also ask did you try to conceive only during the 3-day in the girl month, or did you try other days during the girl month? was the conception around the "normal ovulation" period or around the 3-day period.  How many days did you try before you become successful.  sorry for asking so many questions. I like to know other people's experience in using Dr Jonas's method.  I tried only during the 3-day period for 3 boy months now & still not pregnant yet.

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10-Jul-07 6:16 pm

Hi I didn't actually try Dr Jonas method but with DS1 I just happened to conceive him on my highest girl date.  After I conceived I looked into this.  So with my limited knowledge I really believed I was having a girl - alas I had a beautiful little boy.


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5-Aug-07 1:50 am

Hi! I used jonas to conceive my second child but it failed....I had a gorgeous baby boy instead of the girl I was looking for....

they gave me an other calendar for free (I did not ask any refund...) but I was so skeptic...and so did not care about it....I conceived in a green boy date (but using a ton of low tech methods....) and finally....I've got my GIRL!!! She is ude in 2 daysHappy Smile

so JONAS did not work with me two times!!!!

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13-Feb-13 12:07 pm

 Hi! There you will find great explanation:


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