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Does birth order matter when you have a lot of kids???

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25-Jun-09 8:11 pm

Hi, was just wondering if I could ask you mums of many if it matters what the age spread is between same-sex & opposite sex siblings if you have a bunch of kids?

I always wanted 2 of each, but also in certain ORDER:  GGBB or BBGG  .....not GBBG (girls would not have anything in common??) or BGBG (no one has anything in common???)

Is it true that the same-sex, close in age siblings are closer and have a stronger bond then say brothers/sisters with same-sex sibling with years inbetween?

Is Baby GirlBaby GirlBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby GirlBaby Girl  better than something like Baby GirlBaby BoyBaby GirlBaby GirlBaby BoyBaby Girl ????






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26-Jun-09 3:12 am

I don't think it's better as such, but it was important to me to have them roughly close to a same sex sibling.  I had a preference for birth order in that I definately wanted my oldest to be a Baby Boy and my youngest to be a Baby Girl.

I have a feeling this baby is going to throw my plans to the wind though!  As I'm getting a very strong Baby Boy vibe now.

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26-Jun-09 4:37 am


I have a feeling this baby is going to throw my plans to the wind though!  As I'm getting a very strong Baby Boy vibe now.

Your just gonna have to keep going then!!Happy  LOL

I voted for No, all jumbled up. I think when they are jumbled up then there is a clear spacing in heirarchy in the genders, ie who's the boss of who, for now lol. The eldest is in charge and the second in command knows their place. I was the eldest of a string of 3 girls each a year apart, I was the boss until no2 outgrew me then alot of confrontation started. This could completely be purely down to personality clashes though. I was older, but she was always more responsible, I know who I would've wanted to leave in chargeEmbarrassed

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26-Jun-09 3:35 pm

It's hard for me to say about the girls since mine are 7, 3 and 1 but my two oldest boys have a super strong bond and more or less pick on their 5 year old brother.  They are also downright mean to my oldest dd :( 

Because my oldest two boys are so close I'm very excited to see what happens with my two youngest dd's.  I never had a sister growing up (although I always wanted one) so I really don't know what sisters are like!  Even most of my friends growing up only had brothers.

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26-Jun-09 4:53 pm

 I love having my 3 gals and 2boys( in that order)my girls are all a yr apart and it's great for doing things with all the girls because they're all into the samethings. Ihope my boys will be as close of friends as my girls are:)

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26-Jun-09 11:50 pm

I voted that it's better to have them in clumps.. because that's what I want..

But that being said... my older brother and I are 16 months apart and were always and still are very close. I chased him around and was quite a tom boy... but somehow I ended up taking the "oldest" role.. as in bossy and leader.. whereas he is the quiet bookworm, get good grades type... LOL.

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5-Jul-09 12:20 pm

I think I would have preferred Baby GirlBaby GirlBaby BoyBaby Boy to be honest, as I have a feeling I am going to have Baby GirlBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby Boy and I always feel that Layla will be lonely or left out. My 2 boys are only 12.5 months apart though so are very close and I hope they stay that way!

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5-Jul-09 12:58 pm


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21-Aug-09 5:48 am

i voted in clumps, i had a baby every two years in my first marriage, i would have liked boys and girls closer in age to each other for practical reasons, they are 4 yrs apart


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7-Sep-09 10:26 pm

I didn't vote because I haven't a clue. My oldest is much older than his younger siblings. My second and 3rd are only a yr apart in age but it is #3 and #4 who are nearly two yrs apart who are close and my #4 and #5 DO not get along at all... but then they are all boys?!?!? My youngest is a girl and it is DS#4 who is the most tender to her, and they are nearly 4yrs apart in age. So like I said I haven't a clue! I think personalites are what really matters. Some personalities clash, some really compliment each other

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16-Nov-09 10:39 am

I have a couple of my kids that I had the same sex after that child. They fight alot more and I thought it would be nice to have 2 girls one after the other. I can tell already that they are daddy's girls and already fighting for a spot. Cute now but I see alot of fighting in the future. So I like every other Baby Bear GirlBaby Bear BoyBaby Bear GirlBaby Bear Boy. I have this order Baby GirlBaby BoyBaby GirlBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby GirlBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby GirlBaby Girl.


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16-Nov-09 10:46 am

I am with you in thinking GGBB or BBGG would be an ideal family, but I think in reality it just depends on the individuals. My mom is the second of five children (GGBBG). She has a sister two years older. They have never been close and her sister has always resented her existence. My mom feels the closest to her brother who was born when she was almost ten. She adored him from day one and sort of felt like he was her baby.

My boys are three years apart and are best friends except when they are worst enemies. I hope that they will continue to be close as they grow up. I don't know yet how the 5.5 year gap between J and A will play out. So far R is absolutely adoring A (kind of like my mom and her baby brother), while J seems to see her as a bit more of a threat.

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16-Nov-09 1:42 pm

THB i like the way my family make up is lol I see myself having a little Baby Boy as my last baby dont know why but ive always said to DH we have to finish with a Baby Boy

I havent a clue yet what this one is but if it is infact a Baby Boy i dont know if we will stop or not?? this is something we arent sure about just yet and just seeing what happens :)

My DD is now 12mths and she plays lovely with her brother who is 2.5yrs they get on so well and this baby will be even closer as there will only be 1 school year between them i dont think its makes a difference if its a boy or girl aslong as they are close in age ive found they get on really well maybe not be the case for everyone else but it seems to work for us


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16-Nov-09 4:54 pm

I love the fact that mine are all really close in age.

My eldest is 5, twins are 4 & my baby is 18 months.

My eldest adores my little one. The twins kind of have their own little unit. Generally they all go off together & play really nicely. I've really enjoyed having them all close together & when I do switch back from Changing Bags to Handbags, I'm never going back !!

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16-Nov-09 5:05 pm

Well the only thing I have to go off of is my DH's family.  You see his siblings were Baby GirlBaby GirlBaby BoyBaby GirlBaby GirlBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby Boy, he is the 3rd child and 1st boy.  There are 5-6 years between him and the next boy then the others are around 2-3 years each after that.  He says he only had a sort of sibling relationship with his sisters, but his younger brothers were just annoying.  So all in all he mostly just played and hung out by himself, sort of like he was an only child with a whole bunch of siblings.  But he may have chosen to be that way.  Although he does say he wishes he had a brother closer in age to him.  Now that all of them are adults now he does get along with his brothers and still sort of his sisters.  I don't know to me it's weird, his family is just strange to me.  I feel like we are the oldest couple out of them all, because we have been married to the same person the longest and are the most responsible ones with lots of kids.  Anyways, it has made me always want to have 2 boys close in age to each other.  I've never wanted just one boy or 2 boys spaced more than 3 years apart.  But at this point it's not like I have a choice.  "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"   

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