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Gender Odds

Sure, you already know how to make a baby, and you might even know that X sperm make girls and Y sperm make boys. But if you want to do everything you can to sway the odds in your favor, get ready to buckle down and learn the details!

The Straight Truth About Conception
(How Nature Chooses Boy or Girl)
You know the basics, but now it's time for the advanced class: the nitty gritty details of the magic moment when egg and sperm meet. Required reading for using any gender selection method!
The Odds of Having a Boy or a Girl
If you already have boys, are you more likely to have another boy? Or if you already have girls, are the odds stacked against having a boy? Many people just assume the answer is yes, but what does the data say when you look at actual statistics?
Does having boys or girls run in the family?
When you seem surrounded by brothers, uncles, and nephews, it seems a sure thing that boys run in the family (or girls) -- but is this really true? A statistician with a mostly-male family did a study to find out.
ART Class (Advanced Reproductive Technologies)
All about romance with a test tube: IUI and IVF explained.
Gender Prediction: Fetal Heart Rate
Does your baby's heart rate predict gender?
Gender Selection Ethics
Is it right or wrong to try to choose the gender of your baby? Are we on a "slippery slope" to designer babies and eugenics?
Gender Preference

Because of the well-known preference for sons in some other Asian countries, it is often assumed that parents in the United States prefer sons as well -- and that gender selection would primarily be used to have boys. It's a false assumption; evidence shows that parents in Western countries want daughters just as much as sons.

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Implantation Symptoms
Looking for the earliest possible signs that you could be pregnant? See this list of symptoms that may accompany implantation.
Gender Selection Glossary
Definitions for all those confusing terms!