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Survey FAQ

What is this survey?
The survey is an attempt to collect various data about the conception of a baby, and look for trends that might show us how to choose a baby's sex. Theories on how to conceive a boy or a girl have been propounded by the famous Dr. Shettles, old wives, astrologers, and everybody in between. I hope the survey will show which methods seem to work!
What does it cost to take the survey or view the results?
Nothing! What would I do with money, anyway?
Should I take the survey?
Please take the survey if you are a mother or a mother-to-be.
  • But I'm still pregnant and I don't know whether I'm having a boy or girl yet.
  • But I didn't do anything to try to choose a boy or a girl.
  • But I wasn't paying any attention to when I was ovulating or any of that stuff.
  • But I'm having boy/girl twins!
It's okay, even if you're saying any of those things, you can STILL take the survey and provide useful information!
Excuse me, but if you are asking questions about "conception", doesn't that mean "intercourse", and isn't that a LITTLE PERSONAL?
You betcha! It's all anonymous, and you don't have to tell anything you don't want to, but if you are shy, squeamish, or otherwise a big ol' sissy, I suggest a nice game of Spider solitaire instead.
Ooo, will looking at the survey turn me on?
I doubt it, but how should I know what turns your crank?
Why did you make this survey?
Because I want to see the results, of course! (Well, actually, it's because I have a compulsion to build databases and make colored charts of any stray data I blunder into... please donate generously to find a cure for this disorder.)
I took the "old" survey, can I still play?
You mean the "classic" survey, and how nice to see you again! If you provided your email address when you took the survey, you can login and update your own survey, and answer some of the new and interesting questions. You're already registered -- just click here to get your password.