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Gender Selection Survey Results

Current Survey Count
1,157 Boys
743 Girls
43 Multiples (Twins, Triplets, More)
2,603 Unknown (Still Pregnant)
4,546 Total Surveys
0 New surveys in the last 30 days
Read Individual Surveys
View surveys sorted by the date the survey was taken or the baby's birth date, and read every response, including comments and "essay" questions.
View Survey Questions
If you just want to take a look a the survey questions, here's a "blank" survey.
Timing Analysis
Analyze the relationship between the timing of intercourse vs. ovulation, and the gender outcome. With pretty bar charts!
Various Gender Factors Analysis
Gender outcome vs. mother's age, father's age, pregnancy number, number of previous boys or girls, orgasm, intercourse position, and more!
Gender Selection Diet Analysis
Gender outcome for following the "boy diet" or "girl diet", a high or low salt or caffeine intake, and numerous vitamins, supplements, and drugs.
Read Comments
Read comments and responses to questions where survey-takers could type anything they wished.