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Gender Selection Survey Questions
Part 1: The Bare Basics

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  1. Date of Conception:
  2. Baby's Birth Date:
      Or due date, if you're still pregnant.
  3. Did you specifically try to have a boy or a girl?

  4. Is your baby a boy or a girl?
  5. How old were you and the father at the time of conception?
     Mother's age at time of conception 
     Father's age at time of conception 
  6. This was your  pregnancy.
  7. How many boys and girls did you have before this pregnancy?
  8. Where did conception occur? (Geographically, that is!)
    Please tell me if your country isn't listed!

    US state, US territory, or Canadian province:

  9. Would you like to display a board name or alias with your survey?
    The survey is completely anonymous, but if you want to be recognized by your online friends or your dear board buddies, you may enter a board name, alias, first name only, or some other kind of identifier that will be displayed with your survey. Do not enter your real full name!
    Alias or board name:
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