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In-Gender High Tech Cycles: 611

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UsernameTried ForSperm SortingPGDTypeResultSex 
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 AttemptSex SelectionCycleOutcome
IDUsernameDate#SexSperm SortPGDTypeResultBabiesSex
1314Anonymous #32110/142 of 2FEricsson PGDFET x 12WW
1308Anonymous #3208/141 of 1F PGDIVF ???
1309girldreaming8/141 of 1F PGDIVF x 1BFP1 of 1
1313Anonymous #3217/141 of 2FEricsson PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1307Inchworm5/141 of 1F PGDIVF x 2BFN
1306LilSoccerStar2/141 of 1M PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1304kluckey216/131 of 2F PGDIVF ???
1305kluckey216/131 of 2F PGDIVF x 22WW
1303whitney2/132 of 2FOther PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1302whitney1/131 of 2F PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1301RunningHappy10/121 of 1M PGDIVF x 12WW
1294SoReady5/121 of 1F PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1299Rather be up north5/121 of 2F PGDIVF ???
1300Rather be up north5/121 of 2F PGDIVF x 2BFP1 of 1
1296Anonymous #3195/122 of 2F PGDIVF No Transfer
1297CulturedPearl3/125 of 5F PGDIVF x 1BFP1 of 1
1291Anonymous #3193/121 of 2F PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1293CulturedPearl2/124 of 5F PGDFET x 2BFN
1295sjs171/121 of 1MOther  IUI BFP1 of 1
1292CulturedPearl12/113 of 5F PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1286Buns42211/114 of 4MEricsson PGDIVF ???
1289Anonymous #31811/113 of 2M PGDIVF x 2BFP1 of 1
1288shopaholic7910/112 of 1FMicroSort PGDIVF x 2BFN
1279Anonymous #31710/111 of 1FOther PGDIVF In Progress
1282filur10/111 of 1F PGDIVF x 1BFP1 of 1
1285Buns4229/113 of 4MEricsson  IUI x 2BFN
1287MA_for_Boy9/111 of 1M PGDIVF x 2BFN
1290Luisa9/111 of 1F PGDIVF x 2BFN
1280Blue Whale9/112 of 2FOther PGDIVF BFN
1284Buns4228/112 of 4MEricsson  IUI x 1BFN
1283Buns4227/111 of 4MEricsson  IUI x 1BFN
1278Anonymous #3167/111 of 1F PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1276Blue Whale6/111 of 2FOther PGDIVF No Transfer
1298IsItPossible??6/112 of 2M PGDIVF x 2BFN
1277prayn4myprincess6/111 of 1FMicroSort  IUI BFN
1281Anonymous #3186/111 of 2M PGDIVF x 1BFN
1274strongblondies&sun6/111 of 1F PGDIVF In Progress
1275ErinHen6/111 of 1F PGDIVF x 0No Transfer
1273prayforprincess5/112 of 2F PGDIVF x 2BFP0 of 2
1269Tiny Dancer4/111 of 2F PGDIVF x 1???
  • Attempt #: 1 of 2 = 1st attempt of 2 total attempts entered for this user.
  • Cycle Type: IVF x 2 = IVF with 2 embryos transferred.
  • Babies: 1 of 2 = One baby born or still pregnant of 2 total conceived (one lost).
  • Outcome Sex: M = one boy; FF = twins or more, all girls; MF = twins or more mixed.