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Gender Selection Survey

Can you choose the sex of your baby?
  • Lots of old wives tales, moon theories, and calendars that say you can;
  • Dr. Shettles claims to know the secret, but Kynzi found he might have it backwards;
  • Dozens of Internet entrepeneurs want to sell you a "baby in a box" kit for choosing the sex of your baby.

But which gender selection methods really work?!

That's what I wanted to know several years ago, when I was hoping to increase the odds that our third child would be a girl after having two boys. The trouble is that ANY method is going to be right at least 50% of the time, even if the method is pure hokum, because there are just two choices for the outcome: boy or girl.

So I made the survey to try to gather data from as many mothers as possible, to look for trends that might show us how we can really choose to have a boy or a girl.

If you are a mother or a mother-to-be,
please take the survey!

You can provide useful information for the survey, EVEN IF...
  • You're still pregnant and don't know whether you're having a boy or girl yet.
  • You didn't do anything to try to choose a boy or a girl.
  • You weren't paying any attention to when you were ovulating or any of that stuff.
  • You're having twins or more!
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I must ask you to register before taking the survey, because most survey-takers are pregnant mothers who don't know their baby's gender yet. Registration gives me a way to send you a reminder to fill in your baby's actual gender when you find out -- after all, what good is a survey when we don't know whether the baby is a boy or a girl!
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