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Gender Selection Supplements for Conceiving a Girl

Cranberry Gender Selection Supplement

Nature's Plus Ultra Cranberry Supplement

A whopping 1,000mg of cranberry concentrate in each tablet

Cranberry juice is widely recognized for promoting urinary tract health and preventing infection.
  • Gender selection theory: Creates an acidic environment (lowers pH). This makes it more difficult for all sperm to survive, but the X-sperm may be more able to withstand poor conditions, favoring conception of a girl.
  • Use: Check with your doctor first. Take 1,000 to 2,000mg per day during the week before ovulation.


Reduce cervical mucus to favor X-sperm

The active ingredient is pseudoephedrine, a decongenstant, which has the effect of reducing mucus, for example, in the sinuses. (Not a supplement.)
  • Gender selection theory: Not only reduces mucus in your sinuses, but dries up your cervical mucus as well. Normally, Sudafed is specifically avoided when trying to conceive, because poor cervical mucus hinders sperm from reaching the egg. In theory, X-sperm should be better able to overcome this obstacle, favoring conception of a girl.
  • Use: Check with your doctor first. Take the day before intercourse, or from the last day of your period through ovulation.
Lydia Pinkham for conceiving a girl

Lydia Pinkham's Tonic (LP)

Used by women for over 100 years.

Nutritional supplement based on the original Lydia E. Pinkham formula to provide support during menstruation and premenstruation.
  • Gender selection theory: Although there is only slight anecdotal evidence, it has been noted that several women using LP all conceived girls. See Lydia Pinkham for Conceiving a Girl.
  • Use: Check with your doctor first. Take as directed, or try 1/2 dose. Start on the first day of your period, monitor for ovulation, and stop taking LP on the day you ovulate.