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Gender Selection Books

Gender Selection Book

Chasing the Gender Dream

The Complete Guide to Conceiving Pink or Blue With the Latest Sex Selection Technology and Tips from Someone Who Has Been There

Jennifer Merrill Thompson

Don't you wish you had a friend who could just sit down with you and explain all the gender selection methods? This former journalist is a mother of two boys who longed for a daughter, and she put her researching skills to work. This is the only book where you'll find an objective overview of both at-home, natural methods and high-tech medically assisted methods. If you're hoping to choose your baby's gender, this book is your roadmap.

Guarantee the Sex of Your baby

Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby

Choose A Girl or Boy Using Today's 99.99% Accurate Sex Selection Techniques

Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE

If you're interested in the most advanced sex selection methods that today's medical science has to offer, author Robin Elise Weiss offers a basic overview of the Ericsson Method, MicroSort sperm sorting, and PGD. Soundly denouncing popular at-home methods as ineffective and "tried-but-not-true", Weiss pitches the high tech options she says you can't afford not to use. She also offers advice on issues ranging from broaching the subject to your spouse, finding out the baby's sex, and dealing with disappointment, to financing your high tech venture.

Hopeful parents seeking an introduction to the complex world of high tech may find this book a useful starting point and will appreciate Weiss' easy to understand language. But those seriously considering the high tech route will need more in-depth information than found here (the PGD chapter comprises a mere dozen pages) and should be cautioned that Weiss' overly optimistic portrayal glosses over the pitfalls and seriously lowballs the cost involved in high tech sex selection.

There are some accuracy issues as well. Parents planning to use MicroSort will want a basic understanding of the sorting procedure, but Guarantee's technical description is almost entirely incorrect; the process described here would result only in dead sperm, and completely omits the key dye-staining step which raises concerns with some parents. Those considering Ericsson should further research the trustworthiness of the quoted success rates before putting their faith in the "misunderstood-yet-effective" characterization found here.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility Buy From Amazon

Taking Charge of Your Fertility (TCOYF)

THE definitive guide to tracking and detecting ovulation.

Toni Weschler
If you're a woman, this book is your owner's manual. Immensely popular for years, you won't find a better guide to understanding and learning to track ovulation.
  • Learn to recognize your body's simple fertility signals, including changes in basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and cervical position.
  • Identify your most fertile days, and days when you cannot get pregnant.
  • Understand the difference between your body's normal fertility signs, and symptoms of infection or other problems.
  • Includes a chapter specifically for applying your ovulation tracking skills to use the Shettles method for choosing the sex of your baby.
What to Do When You Can't Get Pregnant Buy From Amazon

What to Do When You Can't Get Pregnant

The Complete Guide to All the Technologies for Couples Facing Fertility Problems

Daniel A. Potter and Jennifer S. Hanin
A guide to getting pregnant with IVF. Covers the IVF process itself as well as many important related topics, including: information about fertility and infertility testing; donor eggs/sperm and surrogacy; dealing with relationships during treatment; PGD; and discussing IVF with your children. Also briefly covers MicroSort for gender selection.

How To Choose The Sex of Your Baby

"The Method Best Supported By Scientific Evidence"

Dr. Landrum B. Shettles
Dr. Shettles' theory continues to be a best seller after three decades, and you can judge the evidence for yourself. Includes a wonderful chapter clearly explaining with drama and detail how conception takes place, by one of the first men to ever view human conception under the microscope.
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Buy From Amazon

My Sister's Keeper

A girl conceived with PGD as a matching donor for her cancer-ridden sister fights to stop increasingly invasive procedures

Jodi Picoult

Even though I talk about PGD every day, and read two or three books per week, I put off reading this bestseller for years. I just didn't want to read a cautionary tale about monstrous parents who would treat a child like an organ bank. I couldn't have been more wrong. This is a story about loving parents, and what happens to a family when one child has extraordinary needs.

Kate has leukemia, and her sister Anna is conceived with PGD to be a matching donor. But when Anna's umbilical cord, blood, platelets, and even bone marrow fail to save Kate, a kidney transplant is considered. Anna, now 13, sues her parents for "medical emancipation" and the right to make her own decisions about undergoing procedures that are not for her own benefit.

Do you know how far you'd go to save your child's life? If you think you know the answer, you'll change your mind in the next chapter. Any mother would race into a burning building to save her child; but what if the only way were to send in your other child, because only she knew the way?

Lullabies and Alibis Buy From Amazon

Lullabies & Alibis

A mother of three boys copes with gender disappointment

Stephanie D. Lewis (InGender member pinkthinking)
MARRIAGE - MOTHERHOOD - MADNESS - MISTAKES! Not everything is as it appears to be in life. Nordis Spect is a deeply passionate, eccentric woman on an intense quest to have the daughter she┬┤s always dreamed of. After having three sons, the ultrasound finally says, "Girl!" and Nordis is in pink heaven! BUT... circumstances change and suddenly Nordis finds herself involved in a bizarre and life-altering plan that not only leads to the love and acceptance of her newborn son, but ultimately of herself and the other relationships in her life. Honesty, trust, and faith triumph over deceit, insecurity, and rejection in this upside-down, inside-out personal tale, intimately crafted with humor and sincerity. For anyone who has ever tried to control their own destiny and then had their life spin out of control!

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Confronting Motherhood, Womanhood, and Selfhood in a Household of Boys

Karin Kasden
"There are certain thoughts a mother wouldn't dare utter out loud for fear that God will either smite her children or bestow upon them untold wealth and happiness, causing them to relocate to Malibu so she can live out the rest of her days in natural disaster panic."
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Pandora's Baby Buy From Amazon

Pandora's Baby

How the First Test Tube Babies Sparked the Reproductive Revolution

Robin Marantz Henig
Each year, the miracle of IVF transforms tens of thousands of infertile couples into parents. But in its early days, IVF was viewed as crackpot science that might result in monster babies without a soul, and perhaps a "slippery slope" to eugenics. Read the fascinating history of this medical blessing, and find out why maverick scientist Dr. Shettles may deserve the title "the father of IVF".