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Baby Gender Mentor Results

These are the outcomes from pregnant mothers who have reported their Baby Gender Mentor result, ultrasound, and baby's gender at birth, on this thread in the Baby Gender Mentor forum.

Still Waiting For Ultrasound

(Have received Baby Gender Mentor test result but have not yet had an ultrasound to determine baby's gender.)

15 Boys Predicted by BGM
7 Girls Predicted by BGM
23 Total

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Ultrasound/Birth Conflicts with Baby Gender Mentor

(Baby Gender Mentor result is shown to be incorrect by ultrasound, or confirmed wrong by amniocentesis, CVS, or birth.)

78 Boys Predicted by BGM
21 Girls Predicted by BGM
97 Total Conflicting Ultrasounds
11 BGM Proven Wrong by Amnio or CVS
55 BGM Proven Wrong by Birth (so far)

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Baby Gender Mentor Correct

(Baby Gender Mentor result agrees with ultrasound or birth result.)

28 Boys Predicted by BGM
16 Girls Predicted by BGM
44 Total

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Note: So far for every birth, ultrasound gender prediction has been correct in every case.