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How to Choose
The Sex of Your Baby

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby
Dr. Landrum B. Shettles claims it's "the method best supported by scientific evidence". Includes a wonderful chapter clearly explaining with drama and detail how conception takes place, by one of the first men to ever view human conception under the microscope.
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How to Conceive a Girl - Shettles Method

Timing intercourse: Have intercourse 2 to 4 days before ovulation.

  • Timing intercourse correctly is the most important factor.
    Learn to detect when you ovulate and practice until you're sure you understand your body's signals that ovulation is approaching. You will probably need to track ovulation for several cycles to be able to accurately predict ovulation several days in advance. Timing for a girl can be tricky, because intercourse too early won't cause pregnancy; but intercourse too close to ovulation is more likely to cause a boy.
  • Be sure to avoid intercourse on the day of your peak CM (a method for detecting ovulation).
Why is this important?
  • Because many of the sperm will use up their short lives waiting for the egg to arrive, this should give the typically longer-lived X-sperm an advantage. Also, the cervical fluid in the vagina is less hospitable to sperm prior to ovulation, because it is scant, sticky, and more acidic. All of these conditions are unfavorable for both kinds of sperm, but since X-sperm are more resilient, the Y-sperm should perish first and make it more likely to conceive a girl.

Have intercourse often, right up until the "cutoff" of 2 to 4 days before ovulation.

  • After the last day of your period, have intercourse frequently, up until 2 to 4 days before you suspect you will ovulate.
  • Do not have intercourse again until 2 or 3 days after ovulation has occurred. Intercourse with a condom is okay after this point.
  • During practice cycles, use condoms only. Other forms of birth control can disguise the fertility signals you are trying to track to accurately detect ovulation.
  • Frequent ejaculation naturally lowers sperm count, which Dr. Shettles believed would favor conceving a girl. Note: Shettles did NOT recommend artificially trying to lower sperm count by "reversing" the boy method, because it could result in lowering male fertility.

Diet: The mother should avoid caffeine.

  • Dr. Shettles reported that caffeine could be detrimental to female fertility.

Sexual position: Shallow penetration using the missionary position.

  • Use the face-to-face position, with the man on top.
  • Shallow penetration will cause the sperm to be deposited further from the cervix (the entrance to the uterus). The sperm then must traverse more of the vagina, where the X-sperm's staying power should win out.

Female orgasm: Avoid it. :-(

  • The woman should try not to have an orgasm during intercourse.
  • Female orgasm causes the cervical fluid to become even more plentiful and alkaline, and thus more hospitable to the sperm, which would favor the faster swimming Y-sperm.

Vaginal environment: Try to make the vagina as acidic as possible.

  • Douching: Dr. Shettles originally recommended enhancing the vagina's alkalinity with a vinegar douche, but in his book's latest edition, he recommends douching only under the advice of a doctor. Please consult your doctor before using a douche.

    If you do decide to douche, most drugstores sell inexpensive, premade disposable vinegar douches. Use the douche about 15 minutes before intercourse.

    Douching is linked to vaginal infections, and associated with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy, and infertility. Consult your doctor before using a douche.
  • Dietary supplements: Although not mentioned by Dr. Shettles, many women also try the gender diet, dietary supplements, and eating acidifying foods.