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How to Choose
The Sex of Your Baby

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby
Dr. Landrum B. Shettles claims it's "the method best supported by scientific evidence". Includes a wonderful chapter clearly explaining with drama and detail how conception takes place, by one of the first men to ever view human conception under the microscope.
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The Shettles Method

Is it really the method "best supported by scientific evidence", or just an urban legend?

Shettles Baby The Shettles method is the world's best known gender selection method, achieving fame in the million copy bestseller How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby. Dr. Landrum Shettles claimed a 75% to 90% success rate for his simple, at-home method, which advises how to time intercourse to conceive a boy or a girl.

(See the survey results for timing of ovulation and intercourse.)

The Shettles Theory

Shettles theorized that the two different types of sperm, X-chromosome-bearing sperm and Y-chromosome-bearing sperm, had different properties.
Y-Bearing Sperm
  • Smaller, round-headed
  • Faster
  • More fragile, shorter-lived
X-Bearing Sperm
  • Larger, oval-headed
  • Slower
  • More resilient, longer-lived
Shettles hoped that these properties could be used to choose a baby's sex.
  • Under ideal conditions, the Y-sperm's faster speed should prevail, winning the race to the egg and conceiving a boy.
  • Under less than ideal conditions, fewer of the fragile Y-sperm will survive. The X-sperm's resiliance and staying power should win the day, conceiving a girl.

Shettles Advantages and Disadvantages

Shettles Advantages

  • FREE, except the Shettles book, and any ovulation tracking supplies you might choose to buy.
  • An at-home method you can use in the privacy of your own home. Conception occurs naturally, and few people have ethical or moral objections.
  • If you are trying for a boy, the Shettles method will guide you to optimum fertility, making it easier to conceive.

Shettles Disadvantages

  • To use the Shettles method, you must learn to detect ovulation, which requires some practice and a little dedication. However, this is really something every woman should know about anyway.
  • If you are trying for a girl, Shettles advises avoiding intercourse on your peak days of fertility, which can make it very difficult to get pregnant at all.
  • There is no scientific evidence to support the Shettles method, and some studies have disproved it.

Before You Try Shettles: Ovulation Tracking

Dr. Shettles believed that correctly timing intercourse was the most important factor in choosing to conceive a boy or girl. This means you must learn to detect when you ovulate, and spend a few cycles practicing until you are not only able to determine when ovulation has occurred, but to predict when it is about to occur.