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About Maureen's Scorecards

Understanding and comparing all the different gender selection methods and products can be really confusing, especially when you're a newby. I've started a simple scorecard system to make it easy to see which methods really work.

The scorecard will tell you my very best, most honest, thoroughly researched, personal opinion on each method's effectiveness.

  • Objective. I'm not selling any method or any product, and I have nothing to gain or lose by recommending any method, or by debunking any method. I will tell you the straight truth to the best of my knowledge.
  • Researched. I have been trying to figure out which methods really work since 1999, and I've done an insane amount of research on many of the methods. I never just copy information from another Web site and assume it's true. I check the facts every way possible.
  • Survey Data. My online survey has been collecting information on gender selection attempts by individual women for 16 years and now contains thousands of surveys, data that is available nowhere else.

Right now the scorecards will show just the method's effectiveness, but in the future I'll expand them to show other important factors, such as availability, ease of use, safety, cost, and so on.

I hope you find the scorecards helpful!

~~ Maureen