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PGD, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

The only 100% accurate method for baby gender selection

PGD Embryo Screening

The PGD technique is the only method that can promise 100% success for gender selection. However, PGD can only be used with IVF, making it expensive and invasive, and there's no guarantee of getting pregnant.

The PGD Process

PGD is a step added to an IVF cycle, which enables us to choose which embryos will be implanted into the mother.

PGD Process

  • In an IVF cycle, eggs collected from the mother are fertilized with the father's sperm in the lab.
  • The resulting embryos are incubated for 3 days, until they have grown to 6 to 10 cells each.
  • Next, the PGD procedure is performed. Guided by a powerful microscope, a microscopically tiny, hollow glass needle is used to penetrate the embryo's outer covering, and remove a single cell.
  • Genetic testing is performed on the removed cell. Because every cell in our bodies -- starting from the moment of conception -- contains a complete copy of our DNA in its chromosomes, analysis of this single cell can foretell the embryo's future: whether it will have a genetic disease, chromosomal abnormalities, and whether it will become a boy or a girl.
  • Using this information, healthy embryos are selected of the desired sex, male or female, and implanted into the mother.

PGD Video

GIVF's PGD Scientific Director, Gary Harton, discusses PGD.