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MicroSort FAQ

What are the conditions to qualify for MicroSort?

To qualify for MicroSort for gender selection, you must:

  • Be a married couple.
  • Have at least one child already.
  • Must sort for "family balancing", meaning that you may only try for the less represented gender in your family. For example, if you already have all boys, or more boys than girls, you may not sort for another boy. (This rule does not apply if you are seeking to avoid a sex-linked genetic disorder.)
  • The mother must be 18-39 years of age.
  • Mother and father must be tested to be free of certain infectious diseases.

Meeting these basic criteria does not guarantee you will be accepted by MicroSort. Because MicroSort is currently in clinical trial to prove its safety and effectiveness, you may be excluded for other reasons, such as having a poor chance of getting pregnant, or previous history of having a baby with a birth defect.