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MicroSort FAQ

What is a MicroSort collaborator?

If you are using IUI, you must travel to one of the MicroSort locations. However, if you are using IVF, you have the option to use a collaborator.

A collaborator is a fertility clinic that has been authorized to work with MicroSort. There are collaborators in almost every state in the US (some states have many), and a few internationally. By using a collaborator, you can minimize travel, significantly reducing the expense and cost of a MicroSort cycle. However, you will pay an extra fee to the collaborator.

Using a MicroSort Collaborator

Collaboration is possible because semen can be frozen and shipped. Although the pregnancy rate for fresh semen is considered to be slightly better, freezing semen is safe and has been a common procedure since the 1970s. (Note that frozen/thawed semen can only be used with IVF, not with IUI.)

When you're working with a collaborator, there are two options for getting your semen sample to MicroSort:

  • Produce the semen sample at the collaborator. The semen will be frozen, shipped to MicroSort, thawed, sorted, re-frozen, shipped back to the collaborator, and finally, re-thawed for use. Because some sperm will die at each freeze/thaw, it may be necessary to produce several semen samples in order to have enough sperm.
  • Or, to avoid having to freeze the sperm twice, the husband can travel to MicroSort to provide the semen sample. The fresh sample is sorted, frozen, and shipped to the collaborator. Although this does require the husband to travel, it's just a one-day trip for one person.

For the wife, the entire IVF process will be done by the collaborator.