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MicroSort Evidence

What is the evidence supporting MicroSort's claims of effectiveness?

Sure, the MicroSort Web site brags about how well it works, but everybody else says their method works, too. What evidence is there to make us believe that MicroSort can really fulfill their claims?

Experts agree, unanimously.
There is absolutely no debate among experts about whether MicroSort works. Unlike other methods, where conflicting studies raise doubts, with MicroSort there is total agreement that the method is effective. While there is vigorous debate about whether it is ethical to choose the sex of your baby, there is no doubt that with MicroSort, it is now possible.
Flow cytometry for sex selection was developed for agriculture to control the offspring of livestock, and is still used for this purpose.
The technology behind MicroSort, using flow cytometry to separate X and Y sperm, was first developed and tested in agriculture. Other gender selection methods suggested for humans (such as albumin separation or gender diet) are not used commercially in agriculture, where it is much easier to disprove a method because larger numbers of offspring are involved.
MicroSort is part of the prestigious Genetics and IVF Institute
GIVF is world renowned, not an organization likely to espouse a faulty method. GIVF describes itself as "the world's largest, fully integrated, specialized provider of infertility and genetics services" and "world-renowned for its pioneering work in infertility and genetics, GIVF developed or perfected many of the treatments and techniques used today in other centers." They may not be modest at GIVF, but they walk the walk.
MicroSort is used to prevent sex-linked genetic disorders
MicroSort is recommended to parents for whom a baby's gender is not a matter of preference, but sometimes, a matter of life or death.
Maureen's personal experience with many women who have successfully used MicroSort and given birth to a girl
Well, all those reasons above may sound good, but over it all is the fact that I have personally come to know dozens and dozens of women who have tried MicroSort for a girl, and succeeded. These are real women, and I have followed their real stories and seen real pictures of their babies. I have known some of these women for years now, and watched their babies grow into children. And, as well, I have seen some women fail to get pregnant using MicroSort, and a very few (including myself) who have given birth to a MicroSort opposite. I know these people well enough to know they couldn't possibly be faked, and have observed consistent MicroSort success over the years.
Reports from women who have combined MicroSort with PGD
A number of the women I have heard from have combined MicroSort with PGD, in which embryos are fertilized with MicroSorted sperm, and then tested genetically to determine gender. In all of these cases, the resulting embryos have been found to be nearly all of the desired gender. (In cases where PGD is used with regular, non-MicroSorted sperm, resulting embryos are roughly 50/50 male/female, as expected.)