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Chinese Gender Calendar

The famous Chinese gender calendar is a chart for predicting the sex of a baby, based on the mother's age and the month of conception. I think nearly every pregnant woman, no matter how commonsense and non-superstitious she may be, consults the Chinese chart to see what it has to say about her baby's gender, and wonders if it's true.

So just how accurate is the calendar? Since the gender survey includes the mother's age and month of conception, let's compare the hundreds of surveys in the database to the Chinese Calendar's prediction for those births:

 Predicted   Correct 
Total144172150% Correct
Boys66441162% Correct
Girls77731040% Correct

This data is updated as new surveys are entered. Only surveys where the mother supplied her age, month of conception, and baby's gender are included.

Overall, the Chinese Calendar is about as accurate at predicting a baby's gender as flipping a coin. ;-)

Chineese calandar, Chineese calander